So Google wants to become the next walled garden

So what happened to the whole “Don’t be evil” story? Apparently Google has no intention to keep up the act. With Hangouts, which will replace GTalk, XMPP server to server communication is no longer possible. What this means is that Hangout users can talk to Hangout users, but a XMPP (Jabber) user registered on, for instance, will NOT be able to talk to Hangout users.

One of my contacts switched to Hangouts (on his phone, where it’s apparently mandatory) and I’ve been unable to talk to him ever since.
Google, it appears you have every intention to become just another walled garden in line with Apple, Microsoft and others. At the pace you’re going, I’ll likely have to look somewhere else for the services you’re still offering very soon.

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Written by Anpan | Posted on 20. May 2013, 14:07


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