Sankarea ep 1: Necrophilia has never been this cute?

Seriously, just when you think you’ve seen it all, god slaps you in the face with this.

Mero has ZEH EYES

Mero has ZEH EYES! “There’s no use trying to hide it, I make you horny!” Chihiro: “YADA!!! I only love zombies!”

Apparently this series is about some sick fuck who has a zombie fetish. Talk about weird shit.

Chihiro is in deep shit

Chihiro is in deep shit. Serious business.

Rea is being generous

Opportunities. Some only come once in a lifetime

So Chihiro’s cat dies and gets buried and he decides it’s a good idea to dig up the grave, put the corpse on ice and try to revive it as a zombie?! Yeah right. Genius idea. While flipping through an old book about resurrection magic, he overhears bishoujo Rea screaming into a well that she hates her father taking nude pictures of her on each of her birthdays to record her growth. To keep him silent, she will do whatever he wants. Gotta try that, too!

Rea seems to really turn into a zombie in the end, though it’s not really shown if it’s real or a prank. Looking forward to the next episode! 4/5 Kurisus:


Written by Anpan | Posted on 10. April 2012, 23:13


Mason wrote 12.04.18, 10:17 am:

Ah. This anime brings back memories of my necrophilia days!

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