Thunderbird ditched, now I am using Sylpheed

Mozilla seems to fuck up everywhere. Thunderbird used to be great, too, but again since version 3, it got so slow that even a snail seemed like a 400 HP race car.

Since Thunderbird kept one of my CPUs busy for minutes while downloading new messages, possibly because of the hundreds of thousands of mails I have in my mail accounts, before it finally reacted to user input again, I decided it was time to look for something better.

I tried out Sylpheed and I’ve got to say: It’s very good! Not only does it handle the amount of mails I have with ease, but it also has a much cleaner look, while having the same functionality as Thunderbird (at least the parts that I need).


Written by Anpan | Posted on 7. October 2011, 16:21


Sonokamome wrote 11.10.09, 04:21 pm:

There is also Calw Mail – an offshoot of Sylpheed. Pretty good with encryption and speed performance. I tried it myself and it’s pretty good. I think the thing is that, if you have lots of email with some HTML in it, it will start clogging up things for the CPU at some point. I don’t have much email going my way so it’s why Thunderbird does not take up more than I’m expecting it to as far as CPU resources when getting mail (on the other hand, it still hogs ~105MB on average in memory use but that’s due to the PIM features that I’ve put in there).

But it covers most of what I need for. But given the features that Thunderbird has with the plugins….I could just got with the newest Outlook (same things and with less physical memory consumption) ┐(´∇`)┌

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