Steins;Gate episode 24 - and some words on the whole series

Makise Kurisu unconcious


Kiryuu Moeka with an "I love CRT" apron

Moeka is part of Okarin’s harem lab again! Where is the bodysuit?!

So finally Okarin gets what he wants. Kurisu is alive, Moeka is alive, Suzuha will be alive in seven years, Ruka is… a trap. There will be Makise pudding, “my personal spoon” tsundere hentai tensai 2ch shoujo, “put the banana in”, “it’s mushy inside” and a lot more things I hope the OVA will be about.

The ending was nice, though I hoped it would be more about Kurisu and Okarin continuing where they left off. I never thought, however, that the pool of blood Kurisu was lying in was actually Okarin’s. At the very least Kurisu seems to remember the time from the other world lines.

The last episode gets 5/5 Kurisus:

The series overall is really really good. True, there are some inconsistencies and logical flaws, like compressing several terrabytes to a few bytes (wtf?), but what the hell, it’s about time machines. This anime gave me a lot of good laughs (“Daru is like the universe – constantly expanding”). If I had to say what annoyed me, it’d be the episodes with Okarin just moping around and bitching about how unfair and hopeless everything is.

Overall, Steins;Gate gets 4.5/5 Kurisus:


Written by Anpan | Posted on 21. September 2011, 12:04


Nysos wrote 11.09.21, 06:37 pm:

I could imagine that the OVA could also be about the lab going to the Commia with lots of cosplay ^^ instead of the typical beach, pool,… episode

Also since Steins;Gate is closed with this are you starting an new project?

Anpan wrote 11.09.21, 07:21 pm:

Also since Steins;Gate is closed with this are you starting an new project?

You are forgetting the movie, my friend :)
But yeah, I’m going to pick up a different series that I’ll make posts about weekly, though I haven’t decided which one, yet. Until I have, I’ll probably try to finish up the unfinished stuff on here (like Hanasaku Iroha).

Nysos wrote 11.09.21, 08:47 pm:

i highly recommend you Mirai Nikki, from the manga i read it´s gona be awesome exspecialy if you like yandere.

Captain Picard wrote 11.09.22, 12:43 pm:

I think Guilty Crown is gonna be really good!

Sonokamome wrote 11.09.23, 09:08 am:

Where’s the bodysuit?!

Yeah! Where is the bodysuit?! ┐(´ー`)┌

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