Steins;Gate episode 22 - HNNNNNNNNNG

Makise Kurisu's boobs

YES! Kurisu fanservice! DO WANT!

Okarin hugs Makise Kurisu tenderly

Aww. ‘Nuff said

Okarin and Makise Kurisu kiss each other


Mayushii: "So you can cry for yourself, Okarin"

Cry? CRY?! Kurisu was killed. THIS MEANS WAR!!!

This episode finally makes happen what was meant to happen since the first episode. Okarin made a move on Kurisu. She has hazy memories of all the other world lines, including the one where she was stabbed. Okarin is a huge dick for still undoing his first D-Mail and effectively kill Kurisu even after she let him kiss her multiple times, which is pretty much saying “I love you”. Okarin doesn’t deserve her. Well there is not much else to write about this episode since this is about everything that happened. Oh and Okarin failed even though he removed the database entry in SERN’s database and returned to world line beta. Suzuha gives him a call and begs him to stop world war 3.

Since this episode stirred up my emotions pretty well and made me go “weeee!”, this ep gets 5/5 Kurisus:


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