Metro 2033 game review

Metro 2033 Hunter

Hunter – the man to whom you make the promise of informing the Polis station about what has happened to him.

I got this game for 10 bucks on steam and I have to say, it is worth it. Something I cannot say of many games lately. This one actually has a proper story that is fairly well presented, though more or less linear. The game itself has two possible endings, depending on how you play. I’ll write more about that later on in this post.

You start near the end of the story as Artyom, a guy that was born when the world was on the verge of destruction. Soon after, humankind scorched the face of the earth and nuclear winter followed, forcing thousands of people in Moscow to flee into the metro tunnels under the city.

Metro 2033 ghosts

Ghost-like silhouettes, trapped in the world of the living. It is said mankind destroyed not only earth itself, but also turned heaven and hell to dust.

In this sense, Metro 2033 has a classical, post-apocalyptic setting, though there isn’t much information as to what caused the nuclear war. When you start the game, you get a very short tutorial that is coupled with normal gameplay. Altough it is short, it explains to you the important stuff to know about, like how to use gas masks. Everything else you learn as you play. The only thing I didn’t realize until just recently is that the three lights above your watch indicate your visibility to enemies.

Metro 2033 anomaly

This is an anomaly. You better don’t move when it is nearby, unless you like to get zapped

Each time you are on the loading screen for the next level, Artyom tells a part of the story, which makes the waiting time enjoyable and gives you more insight to Artyom’s feelings and thoughts.

Metro 2033 demons

Demons – flying, deadly mutants which always like a snack

The reason for Artyom to start his quest through the metro tunnels is that his home, Exhibition, faces a new and dire threat. It is a new intelligent species they call “The Dark Ones”, since they’re nearly invisible and have mind control capabilities. As you wander around in the tunnels, you will get the feeling they are constantly watching you, causing you to have visions occasionally that can result in death if you take the wrong action.

Metro 2033 deadly illusion

This is one of the illusions you get that may lead to death if you act wrongly

Artyom makes a promise to a man called Hunter, an acquaintance of his stepfather, to inform Polis (another large station) of what has happened to him should he not return from his quest to save Exhibition from the Dark Ones. He did not, and Artyom fully intends to keep his promise and sets out to Polis.

Depending on how you play the game, there will be another ending available to you. Since the Dark Ones seem to be constantly watching you, you will get some sort of psychic influence whenever you do something that gets the attention of the Dark Ones. Basically, things like caring about other people (by means of listening to to their sorrows for instance), avoiding unnecessary bloodshed and helping people in need gives the Dark Ones positive impressions of you, whereas being cruel gives negative ones. If the Dark Ones have enough sympathy for you, you will have the chance to end the story differently.

Metro 2033 has very nice graphical content showing a somehow beautiful scenery (despite the destruction), a very worthwhile, but somewhat linear story, so it gets 4/5 Kurisus:


Written by Anpan | Posted on 31. August 2011, 18:59


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