Steins;Gate episode 21

Okarin: "You will die."

Schneizel just made an illegal move in chess, so it doesn’t make sense that he could say checkm… wait wrong anime

Okarin is seriously starting to get on my nerves. That wuss should stop bitching and do something to save Kurisu and Mayuri. His harem is at stake for fucks sake and instead of trying to land the jackpot with Kurisu he is just sitting around doing nothing…

I mean just think about it. If Okarin has to get by without Kurisu for a while until he finds a way to un-kill her, he should at least feel Kurisu up like he did with Rukako. Some nice little groping action with Kurisu would make for some good fanservice. That is, if keeping her alive is temporarily impossible.

Also, I wonder why there is absolutely no screen time for Moeka. Mayuri mentioned she is a member of the lab again, so why isn’t she visible anywhere? As it seems Kurisu went to the location where she was stabbed in the first episode. That could mean she regains memories of what happened there. I’m curious as to what happened.

On a side note:

Anyway, this episode gets just 3/5 Kurisus:


Written by Anpan | Posted on 26. August 2011, 16:30


Nysos wrote 11.08.26, 10:02 pm:

Yandere Kurisu. Awesome! :D

Anpan wrote 11.08.26, 11:18 pm:

Yandere Kurisu. Awesome! :D

My thoughts, exactly.

RedMage wrote 11.08.26, 11:29 pm:

Yandere Kurisu is nothing short of absolutely terrifying.

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