Steins;Gate episode 20

Kiryuu Moeka wants to know the truth.

Yeah right, tell her, Okarin. Tell her you enjoyed raping her and that she needs to wear nothing but lingerie. Disregard that, I like ponies!

Retribution for Kiryuu Moeka: She dies.

I guess this paves the way for Okarin to forgive Moeka and make her a harem lab member again. Understandable, she has quite the rack, after all.

This episode was quite nice again. Lots of interesting stuff happens. Okarin wants to find out who FB is and Moeka joins him. Okarin is reluctant at first, but figures there is no harm in having her with him.

After a couple of mistakes and time leaps back to continue to pursue the guys transporting the IBN 5100, they discover that Mr. Braun is involved with SERN. In fact, it turns out he is FB and used Moeka. After telling his story, he shoots Moeka and himself to protect his daugther, Nae.

Altough I don’t quite get why he had to kill Moeka before killing himself (it shouldn’t have made a difference), doing so probably made Okarin forgive Moeka for what she did in a different world line. At least his reaction suggests he did. This means Moeka has a fairly good chance to get back into Okarin’s harem lab.

Okarin also – finally – realizes the first D-Mail he sent, even though it was by accident, was the one that “revived” Kurisu. I’d like to point out that it was likely Okarin who was screaming in the building in the first episode. As to why – I don’t know. Maybe he was the one stabbing Kurisu or, and this is more likely, those were screams of despair. I’m not sure if this rare metal collectible Mayuri lost has any relevance, but there is a good chance it does.

Good drama and story development, so it gets 4/5 Kurisus:


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