Why I finally stopped using Firefox

First of all, I used Firefox since version 1.5. I used to be a very happy user, grateful for a great browser that was even open source software. However this recently changed and got worse and worse.

Firefox used to be lightweight and fast. This is one of the major reasons for me to use it. This changed for the worse over time. Since Firefox 3, it’s gotten to the point of being (incresingly) slow compared to other browsers and even itself (using prior versions).

Since version 3 but especially in version 5 and 6, the amount of memory leaks seems to have increased drastically and after an hour or two, Firefox usually sucks up 1.2gb (!!!) RAM with only 3-5 tabs open, without flash or even javascript active. It lags, often has weird bugs (right click menu showing only garbage at random, websites suddenly not working correctly even though they worked fine before and still do using a different browser) or crashes for no apparent reason. Even if you just start it, Firefox already sucks up 350mb RAM where other browsers use 100mb, with little increase of used memory per additional tab.

One of the last things that still made me use Firefox were addons. But due to the frequent updates that change nothing at all on the surface but break addons every time and the fact that other borwsers out there offer similar addons, I have come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to stop using Firefox. One could argue that you don’t need to update, but for security reasons, one should always update asap.

I loved Firefox for a long time, but at the moment, it’s close to unusable, if it isn’t already.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 22. August 2011, 02:09


Sonokamome wrote 11.08.26, 10:35 am:

It’s about damn time that you did! (# =_-)

So what are you going to now? Chromium? SW Iron? Opera?

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