Steins;Gate episode 19

Okarin giving Kiryuu Moeka orgasms

I cannot help but think of something completely different than what’s happening here…

Okarin kissing Kiryuu Moeka

To cite Mayuri: “Okarin is so bold!” I honestly didn’t see it coming that Okarin kisses Moeka. Kurisu would explode with envy if she saw this.

Finally some action again. Undoing Moeka’s D-Mail is more difficult than expected. First, Moeka didn’t tell herself not to buy another cellphone, but instead she told herself where the IBN5100 is located. However, as Okarin tries to undo the D-Mails, nothing happens, possibly because she didn’t believe the messages. So for the past to change, he needs to send the message from the phone of this weird FB person.

I cannot help but think some sort of pervert thought of this episode, as it consists of a lot of easily misunderstood bodily contact between Moeka and Okarin. Not that I mind. Okarin x Kurisu x Moeka sounds quite interesting.

In any case, the episode was quite nice, and it seems Moeka will be part of the harem lab once again within the next few episodes. Kurisu was quite cute again, fussing over Okarin eating her pudding and shocked once again that Okarin calls her by her first name. When will this mad scientist finally make a move on her?

This episode gets 4.5/5 Kurisus:


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Nysos wrote 11.08.10, 02:59 pm:

from ep 15:

I still want Moeka to be one of the good guys. Either that, or I want her to be stripped naked and raped as retribution for her treason.

seems like this as close as it gets

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