Blood-C twins

Bonus points for featuring twins in this anime

Blood-C Saya's eye

Awesome vampire eyes are awesome

Blood-C twincest

Twincest! Even more bonus points!

Blood-C starts out rather slowly and you will be in the dark as to what is going on. The heroine, Saya, appears to be a vampire fighting some sort of evil creatures feeding on humans. Saya herself is a klutz at everything but sports and fighting with the “sacred sword”. She also likes to sing, though that sounds a bit annoying.

Being a hopelessly good-natured girl, she often comes too late to school because she always gets distracted doing “good” things on her way there. Like helping grannies and stuff. As far as love is concerned, she is as aware of other people’s affection as a concrete block, though that adds to her innocent charm.

Even though this series starts out without much development, seeing how CLAMP did the story as well as character design (which you can immediately recognize as CLAMP’s unique drawing style), this series will get a lot better. There is not a single CLAMP series that was not good in my opinion.

The story starts slowly but is interesting just the same, so it will get 4/5 Kurisus:

Maybe I’ll do more posts about Blood-C. I’m not sure yet.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 9. August 2011, 12:20


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