Steins;Gate episode 18

Okarin to Ruka: "Who cares if you're a girl or a guy?"

Right, we’d all do you anyway

Of course not!

My fears have been confirmed. Urushibara Ruka is a delicious trap again. Then again, who cares?

This episode is all about Ruka and we all love Ruka. Don’t even try to deny it, I know you do. Moar love (and screen time) for Ruka! However, Okarin tries to get her to re-attach her/his wang. This means we will all become homos.

Anyway, Ruka finally has the balls ( :P ) to ask Okarin out and (s)he even confesses his(her) feelings to him. There is nothing else happening in this episode except an envious tsundere Kurisu. As always, you are in for a couple of good laughs.

Since this episode was so drawn out and nothing much happened, this episode will only get 3.5/5 Kurisus:

PS: I know I was like “omg Okarin mustn’t cheat on Kurisu!!!11” in the last post, but Ruka doesn’t count ;)


Written by Anpan | Posted on 4. August 2011, 14:29


Nysos wrote 11.08.04, 09:06 pm:

Great idea with the kurisu rating ;D

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