Steins;Gate episode 17

Rumiho remembers what happened after sex

But she knows what happened after sex, too! She didn’t like that.

This episode was rather… plain. Okarin’s quest is to undo all the D-Mails sent to the past to regain access to the IBN5100. First target: Feyris (Rumiho). Rumiho somehow remembers what happened before she sent the D-Mail and the contents of it when Okarin gives pieces of information about it to her. But since she revived her dad with the D-Mail, she is reluctant about telling him.

That people other than Okarin can regain their memories from before the world line move makes things a lot easier. He can ask for the cooperation of the involved parties to help achieve his goal: undoing all D-Mails. But this means that eventually, Urushibara Ruka, our delicious cake, will be armed again and return to being a delicious trap. OBJECTION!

When Rumiho gets all dere in front of Okarin, I seriously thought he is going to cheat on Kurisu, but I’m glad he didn’t. Kurisu is our one and only strict tsundere tensai hentai 2ch shojou.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 2. August 2011, 11:23


Nysos wrote 11.08.02, 08:16 pm:

Can’t wait to see Rukas face when she remembers that she was male but they just cant unbake the cake. !(◎_◎;)

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