Steins;Gate episode 16

Suzu-chan failed

Suzuha failed :(

I have to say that I don’t like what happened in this episode. I lol’d at Daru being Suzu’s dad. Especially when Suzuha hugged Daru and you saw Daru (the barrel) and Suzu’s delicate body.

Suzuha hugs Daru

…Daru is HUEG!!! Suzuha has some really nice cuteness-moves <3

Okarin is an asshole for not stopping Suzu-chan when she takes off to 1975. Suzuha is a lot cuter and a lot more lovely than Mayuri. He can still find other ways to save her. I sure hope his top priority is to get Suzuha back to his time line now.

The divergence meter is a bit closer to 1% now, but Suzuha is gone. It’s like they traded one life for another. Not really a concept that sits well with me. Tough I am interested in what will happen from now on, the thing I want most is not “my personal spoon”, but Suzuha back with Okarin and the others. Ruka also somehow doesn’t get much screen time lately. I vote for a beach episode with failing bikinis and little to no clothing. But only if Suzuha is back. Kurisu and Suzuha engaging in questionable activities… *drools*


Written by Anpan | Posted on 20. July 2011, 12:53


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