Steins;Gate episode 14

Makise Kurisu: "Don't be nosy about that!"

Kurisu: “I promised to strip naked, but don’t be nosy about my boobs!”

Queen Kurisu gets much screen time this during this episode. She is also quite tsundere and fails at imitating Okarin miserably, though it sounds very cute. She has “my personal spoon” and what she wants the most is “my personal fork”… wtf?

Kurisu: "Screw you, future me"

I’ll screw your future me as much and as long as you want. I’ll screw her silly!

So Okarin tries again and again to safe Mayushii, but no matter what he does, even if they never encounter SERN’s people, Mayuri dies. He is desperate to safe her, but he is starting to break. Just as he almost gave up, Kurisu notices that he time leaped again and helps him getting a little further into the past, so he can tell her past self about what is going to happen and get her help. To convince her, Kurisu tells Okarin that what she wants the most at the moment is a “personal fork”.

The past Kurisu curses her future self for telling Okarin this, but it makes her believe him and they start thinking about solutions. Suzu eavesdrops on them and decides to help them out. Finally that lazy bum decides to help them, instead of just making vague comments.

Suzuha shows them a time machine. She reveals that it is the one she used to come into their time. Suzu-chan is John Titor from the year 2036.


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