Steins;Gate episode 13

Sexy Suzuha versus sexy Moeka

Let me sum this up: Two girls with quite a rack fight each other. Black skin tight suit versus pigtails and better combat skills. I’d take them both!

Epic episode is epic! Bricks will be shat. Fanboys will rage.

Kurisu gets shot

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Kurisu my queen!!! This calls for divine retribution

Ruka is envious that Okarin takes Mayushii alone on a trip - possibly to bang her :D

Ruka: “Sex? Together?! OHMAIGAWD!!! What about me?! I turned into a girl and you still won’t bang me?!”

So Mayushi is dead. But Suzu-chan turned on the CRT so they are able to use the time machine. Okarin promptly leaps back in time and Kurisu gets shot while helping him (moar love for Kurisu!!!).
Mayuri is un-deaded (^^) and Okarin tries to get her away from the lab, so she won’t get shot by Moeka. He cancels the party and sends everyone home. Okarin, however, forgets that the trains are not operating due to a bomb threat. Moeka’s people find them because of this mistake, but Okarin got lucky and a random guy pushes one of Moeka’s people away, giving them the chance to escape. They get captured and Mayuri gets run over by Moeka’s car.

Okarin somehow manages to free himself and get back to the lab, where he leaps back again and once again tries to safe her. This time Okarin finds Mayuri earlier and takes her to the subway station. Mayuri senses that something is wrong and asks Okarin to explain it to her once this is over. Nae (Mr. Braun’s daughter) sees Mayuri and runs toward her, but stumbles and accidently pushes Mayuri in front of the arriving train, causing her to die.

Okarin, once again shocked, tells himself that he won’t let her die.


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