Steins;Gate episode 12

Makise Kurisu: "I'm not a tsundere!"

Yeah, right and I’m Clint Eastwood

I accidently read a huge spoiler before actually watching the episode, but I have to admit that I was utterly shocked. I love how the scene was done, but I really hate it even happened. Mayushii was dumb, but she was cheerful and sorta cute. Killing her so suddenly was… overkill? Anpan is very sad nao.

Okarin holds Mayuri's dead body in his arms

I was completely shocked by this. I totally didn’t see it coming.

Mayuri's face up close

Right before she was shot, I went “No, wait!”

Then again, it was about time something happened. It’s partly Okarin’s fault for not telling anyone about the mails he has been getting. Though I hate Suzuha for running away right before Moeka’s “team” stormed the place. She appears to be very much aware of what will happen.

Kiryuu Moeka in a hot black leather suit

As much as I hate her for just killing Mayuri like that, I have to admit she is fucking hot in that black suit

I hate Moeka now, but even though I hate her, I still very much want her to be one of the “good guys”. Maybe she’s being brainwashed (this chip thing Suzuha mentioned before). Also, what the fuck is this “FB” she keeps mumbling about right before she kills Mayuri? Facial bullet? Fucking Bieber? Maybe she was forced to listen to Justin Bieber all day. I’d wreack havoc then, too.

In any case, I demand divine retribution for whoever it is who is ultimately responsible for Mayushii’s death. An eye for an eye, a bullet for a bullet. Mayushii also has to be resurrected. Period.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 24. June 2011, 01:34


Sonokamome wrote 11.06.24, 06:46 am:

Anything black, shiny, and skin tight is auto-win.

Kind of like “SuckerPunch” in how, yes the story was poo-poo, but it was win because mascara, eyeliner, fishnets, and garters were featured (・ω・ )

Anpan wrote 11.06.24, 11:21 am:

Anything black, shiny, and skin tight is auto-win.

Not anything, but yeah, it certainly makes many women ultra sexy.

Sonokamome wrote 11.06.24, 06:25 pm:

…ulra sexy…


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