Hanasaku Iroha episode 6

Nako and Ohana in cute dresses

Kissui inn – now with personal “health care” services

Tohru goes :o

Tohru: “Oh god look at that! Nako and Ohana in dr…HNNNNNNNNNNG!”

Tohru's perverted smirk

Tohru’s perverted smirk: So shocking and creepy it makes even the senior chef drop his food

So some shady management consultant women who speaks a lot of engrish tries to bring change to the inn to get it running better again. She fails in epic proportions and is quite annoying, too.

Trying to help the inn, Ohana thinks hard about what could be done, but she gets rejected by her grandma. Beanman, however, sees Ohana and leads her to a storeroom with a lot of kimono apparently made by Ohana’s grandma. Nako and Ohana try them on and serve the customers wearing them for the day, much to the shock of the remaining staff. But it has a positive effect, so I guess it’s a success.

The best part about this episode is certainly when Tohru and the chef are eating breakfast and Tohru suddenly smirks in a really creepy way. The chef is so disturbed by this that he drops his food in shock.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 21. June 2011, 23:42


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