Steins;Gate episode 11

Makise Kurisu and Shiina Mayuri bathing scene

Finally! A bathing service scene! I’ve been wondering when it’d actually happen

So Okarin eats Kurisu’s pudding. A major offence! Apart from the usual teasing, it gets even more interesting this episode. SERN has already become aware of Okarin’s experiments and someone has been sending him another message, this time with more extreme content: “You know too much” followed by a picture of a decapitated person.

Okarin gets really disturbed by this message while he was shopping and fears for Mayuri (but not Kurisu?!) and runs back to the lab as fast as he can, only to walk in on them while they are in the bath stark naked. Apparently fear weighs heavily on him, as he largely ignores Kurisu’s rant about what he did. Maybe he is just glad that they’re alright, but I wonder why he is talking to nobody about the mails he keeps getting. Suzuha or Daru seem to be appropriate candidates to consult.

Speaking of Suzuha: She said Kurisu works with SERN, which I currently sincerely believe she does not. But it seems that at some point in the future, she works with them and is part of the evil.

Suzuha poisons children's minds with her nice rack

Suzuha has quite the rack. Part time warriors apparently fight not only with force…

So they want to try and transfer memories to their past selves now. Sounds like and interesting concept to me. It’s also a new possibility as to why Moeka is sometimes so disturbed and generally a bit weird and paranoid. I also noticed Okarin rubbing his temple strangely this episode and I wonder if they already transferred memories without him even realizing it right away.

The funniest moment in this episode, however, is when Okarin sneaks up to Kurisu and makes her complete a common 2ch phrase by reflex and thus, make it impossible for her to deny she is a citizen of that dark place.


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Captain Picard wrote 11.06.21, 06:18 pm:

“You´ll poison the children´s minds!”


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