Hanasaku Iroha episode 4

Minko chockes Ohana

Minko: “What the hell are you looking at?!”

Minko sounds like a name you’d give a cat…

Nako: "I couldn't finish it" *shock*

That’s why you shouldn’t masturbate at work, even if it is thrilling…

So the perverted-not-so-much-a-star-novelist now works in the inn to pay for his living expenses. For some strange reason he is especially good at cleaning the bath (shamed be he who thinks evil of it).

Ohana’s first day in school with Minko and Nako is quite… different. Just what kind of far away village did she move to that the whole class flips out upon hearing she is from Tokyo? At least she is rather popular and won’t have problems getting along with others. Minko turns out to love Tohru, and there was, of course, the obligatory bathing scene that mustn’t be missing in any anime.

My guess is that there will be lots of drama in episode 5, because the girl from the other inn (forgot her name) seems to be going out with Tohru, which Minko sees as she chokes Ohana.

Tomoe raging over the fact she is single

I certainly sympathize, though she is quite good looking, so I don’t really get it


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