Hanasaku Iroha episode 3

Hanasaku Iroha: wet Nako

Wet Nako, FUCK YEAH!!! Her boobies are rather large now that the work clothes don’t cover them

I sort of regret having stopped watching Hanasaku Iroha. Episode 3 was hilarious! Not only did it contain bondage, wet girls and lesbian service, but the comedy is very well done. Minchi still hates Ohana, but well, it seems to me they actually get along rather well.

I officially award Ohana the price for maximum distance to reality. Ohana’s train of thought: “Hey, I am taken by a weirdo of the inn, tied up in a perverted way as well as gagged, but that’s no reason to scream when the cloth in my mouth falls out!”

So our “star novelist” abducts Ohana, ties her up and gags her to get ideas for his sex novel he is writing (which is starring Ohana, Minchi and Nako btw. Nice service scenes :3 ), but she doesn’t see the need to get the hell out of there (by means of screaming for instance).

So when Nako wants to clean his room he tries to confine her too, but fails miserably as more and more people gather around his room. When he tries to tie up an old guy working in the inn, he just blushes, which creeps the hell out of him.

All that ends with our pervert trying to kill himself and screaming “I don’t want to die” once he fell into the ocean. Nako rescued him and all was well, more or less.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 6. June 2011, 14:21


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