I haz tree on mah table!


Yes, I got a bonsai as a gift. Though I do have the equippment to start shaping it like I want, I am too scared to do anything yet. Must acquire knowledge before doing anything. One mistake and it will take a long time to correct.

Any bonsai specialists out there? If by chance one is reading here, please leave me a comment as to how I should start.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 20. May 2011, 20:45


Hideki wrote 11.05.20, 08:51 pm:

The best way of learning something is ruining something :D

Anpan wrote 11.05.20, 09:00 pm:

Yes, but I don’t really want to ruin my birthday present after just 2 days of having it ^^

Sonokamome wrote 11.05.25, 01:21 am:

Hmm when you say that you have the equipment you don’t mean these right?


Anpan wrote 11.05.25, 05:05 pm:

No, though they seem kinda functional, I guess for a 30cm high plant it’s sorta overkill.

japonecka wrote 11.05.29, 08:45 pm:

I envy you this looks totaly awesome, I´m just taking care of few plants but I never tried Bonsai. The pot is especially nice.

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