Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 3

Touwa Meme doesn't wear a bra

That makes undressing you all the more easy, then. What’s the towel for? Cleaning up after I’m done? Also, his eyes are focused on Meme’s face. Seriously, who wouldn’t look at her boobs when she says something like that?

Episode 3 of alien-who-is-actually-a-normal-human-but-is-cute-nonetheless anime Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (DOSO!). A lot of ridiculousness and some ero action (verbally, most of the time). Meme seems to have taken a liking to Makoto:

Touwa Meme sucks on Niwa Makoto's neck

I like where this is going… Question to all female readers: would you do that just to tease someone else or can this be interpreted as “MOAR!!!11”?

Makoto analyzes Erio’s behavior and past (STALKER!). He intends to get rid of her alien delusions by having her agree to “becoming a human” if she cannot fly as she said she can. His plan is to scare Erio by speeding down a slope with the old bike and slowing down the last second. Unfortunately, the brakes won’t work and he cannot slow down.

After they both fell down into the sea Erio actually does acknowledge that she cannot fly and realizes she is merely a human. She also seems pretty upset about Makoto forcing the truth onto her and talks a lot, without her funny way of pronunciation.

Touwa Meme catches Niwa Makoto trying to smell her fragrance

My thoughts if I were in his shoes: “Please dear god, kill me right this instant!”

Meme sure has her fun with Makoto. That poor guy gets seduced by his hot-ass aunt he barely even knows, reacts in a way many healthy man would, only to get embarrassed the shit out of him by said aunt.

I like where the story is going. Makoto finally got a bit closer to Erio and I’m interested to see what’ll happen next. Apparantly, there will be nurses next episode. Nurses! This has to be good.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 1. May 2011, 11:00


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