Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko episode 2

Meme having naughty thoughts

Makoto is getting reverse-eye-raped by Meme

The episode starts with a lot of nonsense spouted in a minimum amount of time. Also, Erio being an alien was also utter nonesense. Apparantly they actually do intent to make this into a comedy drama (+ possibly romance).

In any case, there are two new players on the board: Mifune Ryuuko, a lively, cute and weird girl picking up Makoto.

Makoto evaluating his options

Why would you even want to, anyway?

The other new player is Maekawa, who is a tall girl that gets dizzy when she holds her arms over her head for longer than ten seconds. She also tells Makoto that Erio was missing for half a year and started claiming she is an alien after that. Maekawa’s first name isn’t revealed and she cosplays at night for no particular reason. Meme later tells Makoto that Erio also lost all of her memories of the time she was missing.

I really like how Makoto comments his ridiculous situations in his mind. It gives you a laugh almost every time.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 1. May 2011, 01:17


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