Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko episode 1

Touwa Erio

Wallpaper version (vector) of the picture above.

The story revolves around Niwa Makoto, who has to live with his aunt Touwa Meme (Jojo) since his parents are abroad all the time.

He is pretty happy about that since he was living somewhere pretty remote and starts to fantasize about how he will get better chances with the girls simply because there are way more than where he lived before. He has a picture of his aunt so he can recognize her, but it seems to be from a time when she was still in school, so he wonders if it will be of use to him. However, Jojo apparently hasn’t aged a day (she is 39 years old? Seriously?)

When they arrive at Meme’s home, Makoto gets pretty disturbed about a girl lying on the floor rolled up in a futon and Jojo utterly ignoring that while trying to act cute, which disturbs Makoto even more. During dinner, Makoto frequently hits the “fishroll” to get an answer out of Meme as to who the “fishroll” is. Meme claims she is her daughter, Touwa Erio.

I love how Erio interacts in her futon almost the whole episode. Especially the pizza-scene was epic. I just wonder why aliens in anime almost always are either bloodthirsty monsters seeking to eradicate humanity or super-cute girls (not that I mind that).

This episode was mainly a prologue to set the foundation for further plot development, so apart from describing Makoto’s and Meme’s situation, there doesn’t really happen much.

PS: Google maps should offer ASCII art versions of the maps.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 28. April 2011, 11:00


Nysos wrote 11.04.30, 01:18 am:

lol just before reading this post I had made that pic to my new wallpaper

as for the anime i wonder if it may go for a drama

Anpan wrote 11.04.30, 02:28 am:

My guess is they’ll stick with comedy the next couple of episodes and make the end one huge drama.

Maybe Erio has to leave in the end or something.

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