Hanasaku Iroha episode 2

Ohana tells Minko to choose her words a bit more wisely

You don’t just say “I’m into girls”. It’s indecent!

This episode starts with a flashback to Ohana’s time in elementary school. There is some kind of event where the parents of the children come to school but Ohana’s mother doesn’t come even though she promised to. When Ohana confronts her mother with that, she just gets told never to trust someone else – not even family – and to only believe in herself.

Back to the future: Ohana got up even before Minko in the morning to cut the grass in front of the inn. Tomoe sees her and praises her for doing so, but her grandmother butts in and says Ohana isn’t acomplishing nearly as much as she thinks. Seriously, is that old hag ever satisfied with something?

Granny gives Nako the task to instruct Ohana as to how to be a waitress. However, Nako is really shy and fails to tell Ohana that the “Wave room” is not to be cleaned without the customers supervision. When granny asks if Nako didn’t tell her that, Ohana takes the blame and says she did.

Since the kitchen staff didn’t have enough time to prepare the breakfast for the staff because Minko fucked up, Ohana prepared it and did a pretty good job. Tohru tells Minko that Ohana might be better at this than she is. Getting really annoyed, Minko leaves the room and accuses Ohana to have done the cooking just to spite her.

Not really knowing what to do, Ohana starts thinking about “doing it like mom” and flirt with the boys. That moment, the kitchen boy (Tohru) runs into her and tells her to come with him if she doesn’t have anything to do. While driving to the city, the kitchen boy warns her that there’ll be much to carry but says Ohana will be okay since she’s got big biceps (now that’s a good way to compliment a girl). He asks her if she is so amazing that she can do anything by herself when Ohana said she decided not to rely on other people a long time ago. Getting more and more annoyed at him, Ohana thinks about what words hurt people the most in this situation and quickly finds one: “die”.

Totally shocked by what Ohana said, kitchen boy gets distracted from driving and looks at Ohana, who flipped out and takes her words back. They almost drive into a truck. Ohana gets off the car and decides to walk back to the inn. Having arrived there she sees how Minko gets scolded by the customer of the “Wave room”. Minko blames Ohana for that and tells her to die once again.

Ohana tells Minko to choose her words a bit more wisely

There will be at least 100 doujinshis about this scene

Ohana gets mad at Minko and tells her to stop saying she should die. While she does that, she sees Nako coming along. Nako tries to get away quickly, but Ohana quickly chases her (pulling Minko with her) and tells her to stop running away all the time. Ohana goes on about how she wants to rely on them and how she wants to change and know more about Minko and Nako. She asks them what their least favorite foods are because she is really mad at them and wants to prepare that dish tomorrow. They try to get away, but Ohana pushes them over and yells at them: “Tell me!” Being kind of disturbed, they tell her what she wanted to know. Being satisfied, Ohana leaves them alone.

"It's not my fault!"

Target locked!

At the end of the episode, Ohana finds the draft of the customer from the “Wave room”, she had accidently thrown away before and it turns out to be something rather indecent with “Ohana” being the main character. The author of that draft catches her reading it and mumbles to himself that he isn’t at fault as if to convince himself that what he is about to do isn’t his fault.


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