Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? episode 11

Tomonori stops Haruna from kissing Ayumu awake

Sera, Haruna and Tomonori gather the pieces of Ayumu’s body to get him to revive. He does re-attach his body parts, but doesn’t wake up. Haruna tries to take this opportunity to kiss him (awake). Tomonori realizes this chance as well, stops Haruna and tries to kiss him herself. Meanwhile, Sera “mistakenly” gives Ayumu a poison instead of medicine, which makes him twitch for a couple of moments but doesn’t wake him up.

Haruna calls her instructor (and top-notch yandere suspect) from Virie to help her. Instead of just waking Ayumu up, Ms. Yandere puts Haruna asleep so her consciousness can get into Ayumu’s to fix his ego and get him back.

After this, they go after Eu and Mysterious Zombie X. To defeat him, Ayumu and Haruna transform together (this magiclad girl outfit is sorta creepy) and use this lame mysteltin kick joke, which make Haruna and the weird black mist Mr. X uses fly away entirely.

Eu opened a gate to the underworld in the sky. A huge blood-crying (and ugly) face appears which spawns whales in suits floating around (really? Couldn’t they think of anything less rediculous?). Sera, having drunk Eu’s blood (episode 10), has to play on a special violin to get them to disappear, but apparently can’t do it alone as the “enemies” (they didn’t really do anything, except floating around) are too numerous. The Vampire-Ninja gang shows up once again to help Sera (everyone is wearing maid uniforms). That song was pure awesomeness! Lastly, Ayumu beats the shit out of Mr. X, after which Mr. X asked Eu to finally kill him, as he cannot bear to live any longer, a wish that Eu grants him.

Ayumu desperately tries to get Eu to stay with him and after a lengthy speech she finally talks! Eu does sound cute but the voice doesn’t really suit her imho. Also, the moment she spoke, she also kinda lost her “mysteriousness”. As far as I am concerned, I liked the mute Eu more.

Next episode will be the obligatory swimsuit episode. Prepare for fanservice overload.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 3. April 2011, 11:00


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