Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? episode 10

Sera says: "Did you make me bathe in the water you used?" to Ayumu

There isn’t really much progress in this episode, but it has it’s moments. Sera, Haruna and Ayumu search for Eu, but are not able to find her. Ayumu then meets Mysterious Zombie X in front of a convenience store. To get Eu to ascend from the underworld again, he intends to kill Ayumu, Haruna and/or Sera (Haruna and Sera happened to drop by to get some more pudding).
After the Vampire-Ninja gang foiled this plan, Ayumu gets his legs re-attached the wrong way around and Haruna has to carry him home.

The next day, Tomonori (seriously, what was her real name again?) finds out where Mysterious Zombie X lives and tells Ayumu to go there first. Sera finds Eu standing motionless in front of the entrance of the house and gets severely wounded by Mysterious Zombie X in an attempt to get to her. Eu just feeds Sera a drop of her blood and leaves with him. When Ayumu and Haruna go to Mr. X, they find him preparing dinner and he just invites them to join him and Eu, which they actually do (wtf?).

The Vampire-Ninja gang shows up and refuses to join the fun. Before fleeing with Eu, Mr X. casts a “parasitic time bomb” on Harunas head. At the end of the episode, having failed to defuse the bomb, Ayumu takes it over, jumps out of the window (a couple of hundred meters at least, judging by how small the city was while he was falling) and gets blown up.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 3. April 2011, 01:20


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