Kore wa Zombie Desu ka episode 9

Eu crying

Bai bai, Eu! T_T

This episode was huge drama and little comedy unlike the other episodes. Despite that fact, it was very good!

Almost the whole episode took place in the same location this time. There was a lot of character development (especially Eu and mysterious Zombie X, who resembles Ayumu a LOT. I bet there is more drama imminent regarding this).

We already learned that Eu doesn’t talk because her words are extremely powerful. So powerful that saying “Die.” will promptly kill anyone hearing it. This episode, we also learned from mysterious Zombie X that Eu’s feelings have a (magical) impact on her surroundings as well. So far, she only summoned megalo if she was emotionally disturbed, but I highly doubt that’s all she can do.

This episode once again was very well animated, but I get the feeling Eu is being drawn with a lot more detail, but maybe that’s just me. But well, that’s Studio Deen for you (Fate/Stay-Night, Dragon Crysis, Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito and a lot more, which all had superior animation quality).

Even though all the drama largely replaced the comedy, there are some nice “wtf”-parts in this episode, such as Sera’s remark about Ayumu’s face after he just barely avoided being crushed by a ferris wheel, or the huge megalo jumping on top of Haruna and petting her right after that.

Eu is still my favorite character in Zombie, but a challanger appeared:

Yes, we know you and you are suspected to be a first class yandere which could set new standards.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 9. March 2011, 20:13

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