Mayashimon Returns!

tl;dr: Moyashimon is back, as good as ever.

Trap Yuuki Kei and bunny girl Oikawa Hazuki

Does this count as yuri? Ah, never mind, it’s hot regardless

It’s been a long time! Moyashimon is back and I am very glad to see nothing has changed in terms of art style, voice actors or enjoyability in general (Minami-Ke, anyone?).

Just like in the “original” Moyashimon, you gain a lot of (often useless) insight in how microorganisms (in this case mostly bacteria and yeasts) ferment foodstuffs to create things like soy sauce, miso, sake, beer and so on. It’s quite interesting and the information given (whenever I checked) was accurate.

Microbe complaining about what that homo sapiens is saying

Microbes complaining about what you say. Only in Moyashimon.

Now if you’re wondering why I even bothered to check: Since I am constantly dealing with sourdough because I bake all my bread myself, I am fairly interested in the microbiological processes that cause fermentation. Sometimes I also feel like trying new things out since the basic principle to ferment food is very simple and can easily be done at home (just like with sourdough).

Add to that a lot of comedy and character development (this time especially for Haruka) and you’ve got yourself an awesome show.

I give this series a solid 4/5 Kurisus:


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