Hyouka episode 1

Chitanda Eru: "I can't stop thinking about it!"

Me neither. Those eyes are mesmerizing. Chitanda Eru = moe queen this season

Chitanda Eru hair-raping Oreki Houtarou

Hair rape! This is new in (non hentai) anime. Anpan approves!

So Hyouka, along with Accel World, seems to be my favorite anime this season. So much moe, so much cuteness and a main character I can really relate to. At first I thought: “Oh god, it’s about a classics club, how boring is that?”, however, I enjoyed it very much.

The general setup seems to be case-of-the-week-like, with Houtarou, the protagonist, as some kinda lazy detective and Eru as the heroine that must be saved from whatever evil is out there.

All in all Hyouka is a funny, interesting and moe-filled anime. You just want to hug Eru <3

4.5/5 Kurisus:


Written by Anpan | Posted on 10. May 2012, 23:41


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