Accel World ep1: first impressions

ultra tl;dr version: The beauty and the beast – anime SciFi version

tl;dr version: Chubby wimp fleeing into the virtual world meets super moe bishoujo trying to lure him into some fishy business.

Kuro Yuki Hime being moe

I see what you did there!

Kuro Yuki Hime being moe with pig in the picture

Ok let’s see… Moe: check! Bishoujo: check! Ahoge: check! Revealing fancy dress: check! Delicious flat chest: check! Wings: check! Now some grilled pork and everything would be perfect!

This season seems to have a moe comeback. Accel World has some potential. Accel World is about Haru, who is a chubby guy who’s bullied at school and lets off steam in the virtual world, where he excels at games and “Kuro Yuki Hime” (Snow Black Princess) who offers him a way to get back at his bullies by giving him a program for his “Neuro Linker”. Neuro Linkers are the devices that allow it’s users to enter a virtual world and integrate computers completely into one’s live. You could say it’s a completely thought controlled computer.

The program Haru gets – Brain Burst – accelerates the thought process by a thousand times and thus give the user plenty of time to get out of tricky situations. However, there seems to be some other, Street Fighter-like function.

In any case, this is a kinda fun anime. Currently lots of potential to both fail and win, so 4/5 Kurisus:


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Mason wrote 12.04.18, 10:22 am:

Someone do me a favour and slit the throat of that disgusting pig.

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