Kill Me Baby - episode 1 recap

Kill Me Baby (Kiru Mī Beibē) is a new comedy anime series about a high school student named Sonya, who works as an assasin, and her goony classmate Oribe Yasuna.

Kill Me baby is based upon a four panel manga series of the same title. The main character is Sonya who attends a regular high school although she is a fully trained assasin. Due to her line of work, she seems constantly hyper-vigilant and knocks off anybody who tries to sneak up on her. Her classmate and best friend Oribe Yasuna is only mildly intelligent and therefore tends to repeat the said mistake time after time.
The two get accompanied by Goshiki Agiri, a ninja who’s with the same organization as Sonya. However, most of her ninjutsu appear to be a hoax.

the clone jutsu

Kill Me Baby doesn’t really have a plot and its animations are fairly simple. However, most of the jokes work, which makes it fun to watch if you consider it nothing more than a guilty pleasure. Therefore it gets solid 3.5 out of 5 Kurisus.

In order to get attuned, here’s a clip:


Written by Shaft | Posted on 9. January 2012, 17:00


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