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So you may have been wondering what I am up to, not writing any posts here in a long time. Certainly I have not abandoned this blog, but there are some issues right now. First one is I am busy looking for an apprenticeship which currently doesn’t go that well (read: it sucks big time). Then there is the internet connection that still hasn’t arrived where I moved to after over 2 months. The first ISP, namely 1&1, first said “ok no problem, you’ll have internet and phone in 4 weeks at most”. 4 weeks later: “Due to technical reasons, we cannot offer you internet or phone, pay up 100€ to get out of the contract”.

The second ISP we called is at week 2. Were those guys always so terribly slow? What do they have to do? Dig up the streets to put a cable to your house there? Let a 5 year old enter your data in binary format? In any case, I’m kinda pissed right now.

However there is Shuugo, my hero, who sent me a couple of series to watch since I was so desperate that I rewatched some series for the 4th time or so.
5/5 Kurisus for Shuugo:

I also got trolled by my “old” Asus mainboard. The SATA controller died, so I had to send it back to get it replaced. I thought: “Well it happens. I’ll have the replacement in 4 days or so.” It turned out to be 4 weeks. The vendor didn’t have that model stocked anymore and couldn’t repair it, so after 3 weeks, they sent me a mail saying they’ll give me back the money. I ordered a Gigabyte mainboard (AM3+) now, as they seem to be much more resilent. It arrived around a week later 2 days before new years. When I unpacked it and wanted to put together the computer, I found out that my thermal conducting paste was pretty much empty. Thanks to Amazon prime, I got new paste the next day 10:30. So I put my computer together and what happens? Black screen…

I went outside to calm down for a moment and then tried to find out where exactly the problem was. When I disconnected all HDDs, suddenly the system would start up. At that moment the painful truth began to sink in: One of the hdds was broken. Lucky for me, it was the one with the OS on it so only installed games and some anime that Shuugo had already send me again were lost. However, I now needed to somehow move all the data of the smaller 500GB hdd to the other hdds and my external one to proper partition it and install the OS. However, to do that, I needed an OS. Since I was terribly out of luck, I had no linux live cd, nor an image to make one at home. So I just went to a friend with my computer and did that there.

Still, this was not the end. After some hours, the data was moved (fitted just barely) and I could begin installing Windows. I just packed the box with all my CDs and DVDs in it, surely my Windows DVD would be in it, right?

Wrong! I remembered when I was searching for the DVD in the box that I needed it at some point in the past and took it out. So I drove to another friend’s home (way closer than my own home) and got his DVD. Finally I could install Windows and play some games again… That was probably the longest streak of bad luck I’ve ever had.

So what else? I got a lot of singleplayer games lately to somehow substitute the lack of anime I needed to relax. Mainly older titles, since the newer ones all require online activation shit or other nonsense. If I had internet, I wouldn’t give a damn and download a crack after I bought and installed the game, but this is pretty much impossible right now. So the games I bought are:

  • X-Blades: A hack ‘n’ slay game in anime style with a half naked heroine that you get to play.
  • The Void: Absolutely awesome game. Once I’ve got proper internets again, I’ll likely review it on here. Pretty graphics, girls and game mechanics I have never seen before. Extremely metaphorical.
  • Command & Conquer – The first decade: Yay old school! All C&C games up to Generals: Zero Hour.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion + Addons: Nice game and story-rich gameplay. Gotta start over after the old mainboard killed one of the HDDs.
  • Venetica: Didn’t get to play it, yet.
  • Drakensang: Seems pretty good, though I didn’t play it much, yet.
  • Anno 1503: Well, yeah… ^^


Written by Anpan | Posted on 3. January 2012, 22:49


Nysos wrote 12.01.03, 11:45 pm:

your just back in time for Nisemonogatari^^

Anpan wrote 12.01.04, 01:37 am:

I still don’t have proper internet access. Average is 2kb/s with a connection drop once per hour or so.

Not HuntedMason wrote 12.02.01, 04:21 am:

Who are you again?

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