Fate/Zero episode 2


Illya is even cuter as an 8-year old

Saber and Irisviel

Iri with sad expression is still endless win

Sorry for the delay on this, but shit’s going on IRL :)

Fate/Zero episode 2 was most awesome again. Iri didn’t get much screentime sadface, but there is some sick master and an even sicker servant. Actually not much is happening this episode. Rider’s master gets chased around by his servant, some sicko somehow managed to summon an even sicker servant, both take pleasure in killing innocents.

This episode was a little low on advancement, but still pretty good, so this episode gets 3/5 Kurisus:


Written by Anpan | Posted on 24. October 2011, 23:42


Sonokamome wrote 11.10.25, 04:14 am:

You take Iri with her ::sad face:: and I take Saber with her ::serious face::

( ・ω・)

Anpan wrote 11.10.26, 10:11 pm:

Saber is great and all, but she’s not quite my type of girl.

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