Guilty Crown - episode 1 recap

Guilty Crown (Giruti Kuraun) is a scifi/action anime series. It’s about a high school student who gets dragged into a resistance group in Japan in the near future.

The story is set in the year 2039, ten years after a virus pandemic had driven Japan to the verge of its downfall. Unable to cope with the situation the government delegated its power to a multinational organisation called the GHQ. At the cost of Japan’s independence the GHQ declares martial law and restores order. Thenceforth the country is ruled by a military dictatorship.

the GHQ headquarters

The first episode starts with Yuzuriha Inori fleeing from government-owned mecha weapons after she stole something called “void genom”. Inori, known as the lead singer of the band “Egoist”, is a member of a resistance group called “Undertaker”. She also has a cloaking ability. After she has been wounded she hides in an old industrial building where she encounters Ouma Shu, the 17-year old protagonist who frequents the place to work on a school project.
After Inori gets tracked and captured by GHQ minions known as “antibodies” Shu decides to deliver the void genom to Tsutsugami Gai, the leader of Undertaker, mainly because he hates himself for not being able to help Inori. Soon after Shu arrives at the rendezvous point the GHQ attack which leads to an epic combat scene, in which the mecha forces of both regime and rebels clash with each other.

Once again the true nature of the GHQ becomes evident, when they don’t hesitate to shoot civilians who just happen to reside at the wrong location. Within the fight Inori manages to escape her confinement. At her following encounter with Shu the “king’s mark” appears on his right hand investing him with the “power of kings” that allows him to extract weapons from other poeple’s bodies. That way he reaches into Inori’s chest and some kind of energy sword sprouts from his arm enabling him to blow up his adversaries to kingdom come. Moreover it strikes me as mentionable that everytime Shu and Inori meet there’s a flashback scene of some kind which seems to indicate a mutual history.

I must admit after watching this episode I’m still a bit indecisive regarding what I’m supposed to think of it. Personally, I highly anticipated this series and I guess it didn’t completely come up to my expectations which on the other hand may have been a little irrational. Don’t get me wrong, Guilty Crown is not a bad show. On the contrary, it’s suspenseful and the plot strikes me as fairly interesting. On top of this the animation and the character designs are brilliant. However the story never seems to manage to provide something new and original. A boy with bad social skills joins the resistance to fight the evil empire after acquiring an overwhelming superpower? Somehow I’ve seen it all before!
All in all Guilty Crown promises to be an entertaining action series that captivates with great animation art. With reservations the first episode gets 4 out of 5 Kurisus.


Written by Shaft | Posted on 17. October 2011, 12:51


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