Even C.C. would start drooling over this pizza

Homemade pizza with chanterelle, cooked ham, onions and edam cheese

This pizza was extremely delicious! The dough was made from normal sourdough that I treated like normal bread dough. Except that I kneaded some olive oil into it.

The tomato sauce was seasoned with salt, chili powder and basil (garlic might be a good addition here).

The chanterelles were fried for a short amount of time in (very!) little oil. The onions and the cooked ham are simply cut into smaller pieces and added on top. Finally, add the cheese.

My pizza took about 35 minutes. You can also easily warm it up in the microwave and it will still taste great.


Written by Anpan | Posted on 5. October 2011, 18:02


Sonokamome wrote 11.10.05, 11:39 pm:

I should probably post a recipe of my own brand of sauce that you can use for pasta and pizza one of these days.( =_=). o0(hmm)

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