Fringe returns for season 4

Tonight the scifi series Fringe is back with its forth season premiere called “Neither Here Nor There” on the American Fox network. I’ve been waiting for this very eagerly since the season 3 finale had an unexpected twist at the end that left everyone with their mouths wide open.

the main cast of season 4

Fringe is an American scifi mystery series that premiered in 2008. It follows an FBI department called “Fringe Division” which investigates all kinds of weird and unexplainable occurences (often involving exploding heads!).
The central protagonists are Doctor Walter Bishop, his son Peter and FBI agent Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv. Walter, who is brilliantly played by John Noble, is a mad scientist who used to work for the government before he spent almost twenty years in an insane asylum. He provides the greater part of the show’s extraordinary humour with his fondness for hard drugs and sweets that even the most disgusting human remains don’t seem to spoil for him.
When the show started it seemed to be nothing but a mediocre case-of-the-week X-Files rip-off. (There are no aliens, though!) However it soon unveiled its enormous potential and became more and more serialized. Meanwhile it has become the most awesome scfi show since Firefly so abrubtly ended.

The series so far obviously gets 5/5 Kurisus!!!

In order to get attuned here’s a video that gives you an idea of Walter’s… well, Walterness:


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Anpan wrote 11.09.23, 12:24 pm:

Congratulations to your first blog post, Shaft :)

Shaft wrote 11.09.23, 12:31 pm:

Thank you!
I’m glad it’s over, though. I was really scared I would screw it up! :)

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